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C&SC Award 2015 Best Website & Use of Social MediaWire Wheels Webbers Ltd are the authors of the award winning website of The Rover P6 Club which won the prestigious Classic & Sports Car Club Award for Best Website and Use of Social Media at the NEC in November 2015. In March 2016 The Rover P6 Club also won the National Car Club Award for Outstanding Use of Social Media.

Brian Humphreys and his 1965 TR4


Wire Wheels Webbers Ltd is owned by Brian Humphreys, a Classic Car enthusiast with a hobby, passion and profession in IT. Brian uses his experience in IT and digital marketing to maintain and author two blogs geared to help all clubs up their game and attract new members and in March 2017 was awarded the Club Unsung Hero at the National Car Club Awards.

Unsung Hero

Brian has 27 years experience at Hewlett Packard in information technology ranging from programming, testing and support, programme and project management, sales, and delivery management.

Brian also serves on the committee of a Classic Car club in the position of Membership Secretary. As such he has extensive experience in the problems of membership attraction and retention. Having been a founding architect of the team creating the huge turnaround of the club into one that is rapidly growing, he can help do the same for you. The answer starts, with your online presence, the tools that you use, and how you use them.

Call me or send me a contact message and let me do the same for you.

Wire Wheels Webbers Ltd

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