ClubShop graphicMany clubs have stocks of regalia or perhaps spare parts that the club has managed to source or have remanufactured. The best way to make these available, is to have a club shop fully built into your website.




Built in facilities

Our ClubShop includes the following facilities:


ClubCoupon allows you to provide a coupon system to your members so that they can claim extra discount at the checkout. This is very useful if your club has different prices for different categories of person (e.g. non-member, member, member of spares fund).


ClubBasket is a full shopping basket facility allowing your visitors to browse, fill their shopping basket and then pay at the end. The basket will be fully visible in the right hand side of their web browser so they’re constantly reminded that they have not checked out.


ClubPayments includes full integration with PayPal ensuring a secure way to checkout. PayPal is the most popular payment mechanism on the internet and they also take card payments, so it doesn’t matter if your customers have a PayPal account or not.


ClubOrders ensures that when a purchase is made on the website, emails are sent out to whoever you choose to control the fulfillment of the order. Orders are tracked and completed through the website too giving you full visibility of purchases.


ClubPostage ensures that the correct postage is applied to all items. You can configure postage rates by weight and by country. ClubPostage will sum the total weight of all items to determine the postage rate to be applied to the purchase automatically.

The Club Shop

Clicking the image below will take you to a separate website to explore ClubShop. This particular example has been built into our Straight-6 website template, but you can also choose from TheV8 and the Sidevalve.

After looking through our websites, take a look at Our Services to see our services and pricing.


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