ClubWeb graphicChoosing a new website can often be a daunting process. What we all want or like is something that we may not really know until we see it. At Wire Wheels Webbers, we have prepared a library of pre-populated website templates to choose from, each with the goal of providing many of the most used functions of a classic car club.

ClubWeb designed and built for just £500



Built in facilities

Each of our websites comes pre-configured with the following facilities to help you in running your club and attracting more visitors:


ClubPromote ensures that new visitors enjoy your website. They’re going to make their minds up in the first 10 seconds, so make the first thing that they see something that they want to come back to.

A visually appealing and interactive front page to your website fosters engagement with your website visitors. Visually grabbing their attention with graphics, icons and text areas that are both pleasing to look at and drawing the visitor in to engage with your content.

For the smaller club, this is of paramount importance. Looking like a bigger club is the first engagement mechanism in order to grow your membership base.


ClubJoin gives your members easy ways to both join and renew membership online. Catch your new joiner while the iron is hot, it’s in their mind, and before they have time to procrastinate. Payments will be taken through PayPal, the most common way to pay online. You don’t need a PayPal account, they do take card payments as well.

Signing up new members must be easy. Having to print out a membership form, fill it in, write a cheque and post it are just too many steps to take. You need a way that will ensure that once a visitor to your website has made a decision to join …. that they complete that process in the simplest and easiest way possible, and before they change their mind!

We will provide you with joining forms that will link to payment via PayPal. Your membership secretary will get two emails, one from the website with the content of the joining/renewal form, and one from PayPal once payment has been completed.

Don’t be worried about PayPal fees either, if you are a non-profit club (as most are) then you can apply for “non-profit” status with PayPal for reduced fees in the same way that they work with charity organisations.


Events calendars can be painful. Your organiser has a diary, your events coordinator has a diary, your webmaster inputs to your website and your magazine editors copy them out for publishing. The time wasting effort and errors introduced from copying multiple times just creates more work.

With our ClubCalendar, all orgainisers, event coordinators and magazine editors can have access to the ClubCalendar and make entries only once. Your events are automatically to displayed in a visually engaging format. We can also show you how to download your ClubCalendar into a spreadsheet to streamline magazine production.


Develop your club news with ease, with the inbuilt editor and slick adding of images you can keep your members up to date with everything that matters. The news will then be published automatically on the home page and the specific Club News page without any further work.


ClubFriend takes the hard work out of dealing with social media. Allowing your visitors to find you on Facebook and other social media platforms

Social media has often been described as being “for the young generation”, and while it’s probably true that there is a greater proportion of the “under-30s” using it, in the classic car world social media has become the defining place in which to build communities, large groups of people with similar interests coming together to chat about their cars, their passion and also their problems … many of which can get solved in just a few hours.

So, how do you ensure that your website and your social media are linked? In all of our websites we don’t just provide you with buttons to click that will take your visitor to your social media page, but also social media buttons that will allow them to share your website on their own social media pages – and therefore telling all their friends about you. Sharing like this helps to bring new visitors and grow your fan base.


ClubSocial makes it easy to keep your social media up to date. You should always put all your news on your website, but ClubSocial makes it easy to publish on social media. How? Well every time you publish a piece of news on your website, our ClubSocial engine will automatically post it onto social media for you taking all the hard work away.


ClubGallery provides you with galleries, albums and slideshows to showcase your club to show off your favourite content from your shows in fabulous detail. With either zoom in facilities to flick through your images, or a slideshow to sit back and watch (or both!) the choice is yours.

ClubGallery is an excellent way to show potential members the high levels of activity present within your club and help instill the desire to be involved.


Show your members and potential members where your regional branches are around the country with our interactive clickable map.


ClubMember gives you control over your “members’ only” content. With password control you can choose between one user id/password for all members (perhaps published in your magazine), or one user id/password each. The former is much easier to control and much less work on your committee, but the choice is yours.

Here you will be able to restrict page access to only those that have the correct credentials. It might be your technical archive, discount codes for major events, scans of historical documents or meeting minutes from the committee.


ClubInfo gives you the space to put your club information. This could be your Technical ‘how-to’ archive, descriptions of all the models that you support, history of the club, or anything else that is of interest to visitors and members


ClubContact takes all the hassle out of providing contact details of your committee and officers on the internet.

Having your email visible on your website is the cause of that huge amount of spam you’re receiving on a daily basis. Even hiding your email behind a clickable link doesn’t work. The web is crawling with robots from some less desirable organisations with the sole intent of harvesting as many email addresses that they can find. These email finds are then sold on to other organisations who are then responsible for your spam.

We provide you with a contact form with multiple endpoints. So you can direct the contact form at anyone in your club who might need to be contacted. Your email address is never on the web page and so safe from the prying eyes of the spam-bots. If you would like it, we will also upload images of your business cards so that your visitors see a professional image containing your email and telephone number. Spam-bots cannot read images, so these are safe too.

ClubWeb Websites

Each thumbnail image below will take you to a separate website to view so that you can properly get to road test and understand the look and feel of each of them.

The colour scheme’s used by each website is not fixed. They are examples. We will work with you to create your very own colour palette for your website based on your own branding.

After looking through our websites, take a look at Our Services to see our services and pricing.

As you browse through these websites, you will see many pages with “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet …” text. This is standard publishing “dummy text” and just gives you a better idea of the layout rather than looking at a blank page. Browse through, and enjoy …

Branded in colours reminiscent of days of vintage cars and sepia photographs, this website brings the vintage into the twenty-first century with classic style and elegance.

In quaint classic styling, currently robed in Jaguar racing green, this website screams ‘classic’. Bringing you up to date online while keeping the theme of our industry.

Bang up to date with this modern stylish theme incorporating full browser width views and beautifully animated menu structures.

Currently clad in Ford blue, this website is themed with crisp sharp edges and corners. Posts are tiled on the background making this a modern, easy to read style giving you a visible recognisable brand.

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