Launching soon – Club Membership & Management

CROSSMEMBER launched in November 2017 and is now available for all car and bike clubs. Goto the CROSSMEMBER website for more information and use the demonstration system.

All club officials know that the Membership Secretary of the club has one of the most arduous and difficult jobs in the whole club. It is a never ending, almost thankless task of keeping the membership system up to date, renewals issued, new joiners processed, welcome packs printed and dispatched, address lists issued to the Printer for magazine dispatch and constant requests for cars for shows and member contact details. By the fact that they communicate the most to the membership, they are also their main contact and field a variety of questions and queries.

Then there is the rest of the committee – usually, they have no or little access to the membership system as more often than not it’s kept in an Excel spreadsheet on the membership secretary’s computer and the best that the committee can often hope for is a report or statement at the next committee meeting. Yet the purpose of the Club is to service the membership. Everyone on the committee should have instant access to the membership system and reports that show the status and health of the Club so that the club can be effectively managed.

Launching Soon … A new Club Membership & Management System for Car Clubs

We will soon be entering Beta testing with a well known classic car club, and on successful completion of the Beta test we will be launching to everyone.

Functionality included:

  • Role based access for Club users from full edit access to read only
  • Secure Guest access to enable Members to Join and Renew membership without logging on
  • Secure Guest access to enable Members to update their own membership details
  • Branded to your own Club colours and logos
  • Automated renewal due and overdue emails
  • Automated lapsing of members (if required)
  • Download your database to Excel for your own reporting – or backup
  • Fully integrated with PayPal
  • Payment by Cheque supported with online forms
  • Search the Vehicles database for interesting cars (e.g. for the NEC)
  • Quick searches for Overdue or coming Overdue members
  • Tablet and SmartPhone friendly
  • Reports – up to the minute accuracy
    • Total membership (broken down by paid up/overdue) over time
    • Split between membership types (e.g. Full, Associate)
    • Membership by UK, Europe, Rest of World over time
    • World Map indicating number of members by country
    • Leaver vs Joiners
    • Membership age demographics
    • %age of the membership leaving each year
    • How new members found you
    • and more….

Imagine it …. You’re at a major indoor show and meet someone who wants to join the club. Using your tablet computer on the free wifi you can take their details and payment in one easy step – the membership database is fully updated and non-attending committee members can view changes to the reports instantly. If you take your welcome packs with you to the show, there maybe nothing further for the membership secretary to do! From personal experience, we know that after a major show there could normally be two days of work involved – now automated and your membership secretary breathes a huge sigh of relief!

If you’re interested, want more information, or just want to be kept up to date, please contact us.

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